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About Us 

Pratiksha, who has been in the hair and makeup industry for more than 5 years and Sandhya who handles the entire management with her operational expertise. We are a team of qualified hairstylist, beauticians & nail technician, providing grooming services to your entire family in the LAP OF LUXURY.

We have always loved and been interested in the beauty industry; our friends and family would always ask us for advice.  Since we had always been very creative, this led us to offering not only basic services but the best we can offer. We offer luxurious treatment at affordable prices to make you feel loved and pampered.  


We started Lap of Luxury in June 2019. Our passion for all things beautiful led us to build on our knowledge and skills that we have always wanted to help others look and feel beautiful in every aspect.  Lap of Luxury delivers the most effective and sought-after treatments which provide undeniable results. We offer a personal yet professional service with a variety of treatments. We have always taken pride in our work and we make sure that we constantly updating our and our teams skills to ensure our knowledge is up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques available.I have helped 100’s of my clients to improve their skin/ hair and more importantly their confidence. This is the most rewarding job ever!

Our Locations

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